The Meridian Motorcycle Association, Inc (MMA) is a not-for-profit association operating in Meridian, MS under the IRS code 501(c)(7). The MMA is a social club organized to unite all recreational off-road riding enthusiast in Meridian, MS and the surrounding areas. The MMA exists to support and promote the sport of recreational off-road riding and racing The MMA host a number of special member events and host several sanctioned races throughout the year. The MMA has been appointed by the City Of Meridian to operate and maintain the Meridian OHV Park. The Meridian OHV Park consist of 800 acres of municipal property owned by the City Of Meridian. The MMA has developed this property into a off-road riding hot spot for Southeast Mississippi and West Alabama! Though the MMA was incorporated in 2009 it has a very long operating history in the City of Meridian.
Many years ago our founding fathers and other off-road enthusiast started to ride old logging roads that surrounded the Bonita Lakes. These roads criss-crossed vast acres of public land owned by the City Of Meridian. These roads proved to be the perfect landscape for off-road riding enthusiast to test their machines. Dirt bike riders from all over Meridian would ride these woods and many riders began to cut trails throughout the woods. Soon an unorganized trail system started to developed and grow. More and more people started to use the trails and soon all walks of outdoor enthusiast where using the trails cut by many of the MMA founding fathers. The City of Meridian realized the need to provide our city with an organized trail system and outdoor park and The City of Meridian began to develop Bonita Lakes. Unfortunately the City of Meridian's plans for Bonita Lakes did not include Dirt Bike or ATV off-road riding. The Bonita Lakes trail system was given to hikers, bikers, and horse back riders. During this transition the State of Mississippi was building a new 4-lane Highway 45 that would cut straight through the City Of Meridian's public property. This Highway divided the land and served as a boundary opening the door for off-road riders to have a home in the city once again. In the mid 90's our founding fathers started working with top level city officials to allow an organization of off-road enthusiast to organize and operate an off-road park on municipal property. With many months of hard politics the Meridian Motorcycle Association was born. The City of Meridian granted the MMA permission to operate on municipal property and our founding fathers started to build the Meridian OHV Park. Since these days the MMA and the Meridian OHV Park has gone through many changes good and bad. In the late 90's the City of Meridian shut down the MMA. The City had entered into agreement with a development corporation to develop our land into a retirement community. Fortunately for the MMA this deal was broken and the MMA returned to reclaim our park.
Today the MMA and the Meridian OHV Park is bigger and stronger than ever. With a fast growing membership and a much improved park the MMA is sure to continue providing a safe and legal off-road experience for many generations to come. Today the MMA host many sanctioned race events bringing the City of Meridian visitors and revenue from all over Southeast Mississippi and West Alabama. The MMA host many exciting member events such as poker runs and our annual MMA Halloween Bash. Member communication has greatly improved with regular MMA Member Mail newsletters, email distributions, the MMA Message Board, and our online website.
The MMA plans to continue its membership campaign and grow membership to all new heights. The Meridian OHV Park continues to improve and the MMA has big plans for our parks future. With an AMA charter the MMA will be more independent and began to host its own race events to help our club grow. The MMA has long been part of the City Of Meridian and the future looks bright for the years ahead!